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Products - Controls For Venetian Blinds
Awnings and venetian blinds can be controlled with this surface-mounted controller with integrated radio receiver. It is operated either via a separate venetian blind button or a hand-held transmitter. Thanks to its robust and simple construction it ...
The AstroTec-868 wall-mounted radio transmitter is available in both unidirectional and bidirectional versions. The integrated timer with Astro function enables the efficient opening and closing of the blinds according to sunrise and sunset times. In ...
The Invio-868 built-in radio transmitter is suitable for all radio receivers from the ProLine series and can be controlled by commercially available venetian blind buttons. For the subsequent automation of roller shutters, awnings or venetian blinds. ...
The MemoTec-868 wall-mounted radio transmitter is an intelligent single-channel switch with which an individual daily and weekly switching time can be programmed. Like all elero products, radio transmission takes place reliably via 868 MHz. Features ...
The UniClic-868 wall-mounted radio transmitter features manual/automatic switching. It can be used both unidirectionally and bidirectionally and can control one or more receivers. In addition it can be mounted over existing strap coiler boxes and is ...