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Products - Rolling Door Drives
Strong tubular motor with emergency crank handle. With a torque from 40 to 120 Nm it represents the continuation of the type 9. The limit stop is mechanical. Features - Applications: Roller shutters, Awnings, Rolling doors - Limit switch ...
The drive for particularly heavy roller shutters, rolling doors and roller grilles. The torques range from 120 to 300 Nm, depending on the type.   In addition it is characterised by its long life and smooth running. Features - Applications ...
The roller door drive version with emergency manual operation. For safe use even if the power fails. The couplings are changeable and the drive is available with different/ balanced torques, depending on the type. Features - Applications: ...
The 45 mm diameter motors are ideally suited for integration into roller shutters, doors and textile sun protection. Like all of the motors in this product range, they stand out thanks to their particularly quiet operation and extreme reliability. ...